How Inbound Marketing Delivers Effective ROI?

When we speak about prospects, the biggest marketing challenge is how to generate sales through inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing by the way?

Inbound marketing plays an important role in the world of advertising and marketing these days. Just how its definition evolves, inbound marketing is something that propels your customer to buy your product or inquire about your service. This includes all of the marketing campaigns you posted online, and then directs them to contact your business or give you a call. The common online examples for inbound marketing, as many experts told, are the PPC, SEO and SEM. Continue reading


Advantages of Direct Marketing

Direct MarketingDirect marketing allows the business to see immediate results from the customers and prospects when presented with ad campaign. There are several direct marketing activities which uses the direct marketing tools and allow direct response. Few examples of direct marketing is through creating advertisements on TV, radio, print and even online. Through these types of media, both existing and potential customers are informed of the business. It helps the business engage directly with the customers. Say when the business presents a TV ad, the only way to get responses is through combining the ad with toll free numbers.

800 numbers enables the marketer to communicate directly to individual customers. Other than an easy number for the customers to call, this would allow the marketer to gather feedbacks, comments and suggestions from them. Listening to individual customers allows the marketer to customize the call and educate them when there is a need to. Compared to promoting the product using mass marketing, would be difficult to determine whether or not it is efficient. When marketers hire a famous artist to promote a new product or service, perhaps, a concert is held in order to gather a large market. It is not a guarantee these people will buy or better yet just be interested on the product or service presented. Direct marketing communication is preferred by most businesses. Continue reading

Toll Free Numbers Directly Routes to Call Centers

call centerIn the advent when a business chooses a toll free number, incoming calls keep on increasing. At times, marketers are still able to handle a certain volume of incoming calls. However, whenever the marketer needs to be on a meeting and leaves the office, who would be answering the incoming calls? This is where the virtual phone system comes in. It works like a virtual call center. It is where it can take and handle each incoming call. Also, when multiple calls come in at the same time, the virtual call center handles the calls.

Call centers complements the business. Whether in house or outsourced call centers, they handle incoming calls and sometimes, contact potential customers to increase the sales. Toll free numbers are tools for marketing optimization. Call routing is an added feature where it can route all incoming calls to multiple call centers when the need arise. It allows the marketer to have a complete control on all the calls may it be incoming or outgoing. It benefits the customers since it reduces the holding and handling time of each calls. Continue reading

Toll Free Numbers: Solution for the Transportation Industry

Solution for the Transportation Industry

Imagine this, an office worker broke his car while driving his way to his workplace. He’s got two options, one is, calls a car mechanic and wait for hours, else he has another option, he calls a transportation to bring him to the office before he gets late. It may be a choice on what to do but looking at the situation, it would be better to go with the two options. He has to call a car mechanic and while waiting, he calls a transportation to bring him to the office. Although this scenario is rare, but it is better to have oneself prepared.

Toll free numbers are being used by transportation industries because there are more advantages than its disadvantages. Also, these numbers are better than local phone numbers. It is accessible for the clients and in managing the business as well. Tourists and even locals need transportation for them to be brought to one location to another. Continue reading

4 Major Benefits in Getting a Toll Free Number


Communication is the key for any business to take the lead. A good entrepreneur knows how to communicate with his employees. He should realize that he needs the employees to keep the business running. One-man-band doesn’t exist in the business industry. There has to be a division of labor and responsibilities. On the other hand, it is also necessary to keep an open line for the customers and the prospects to reach. They are considered as the lifeblood in every business. It is necessary to learn how to listen to their concerns and suggestions. Also, communicating to them by giving them information with regard to the product and service provided. This is the reason why marketers prefer getting toll free numbers. Continue reading

Vanity Numbers For All Business Types

Vanity NumbersBusiness owners always want to be successful. He uses different tools and strategies to compete. The measure of success in each business lies in the number of customers and the positive results of the revenue and sales. Since the customers are the heart of any business, a strong communication has to be built. Vanity numbers are numbers that spell a word. This helps the market recall the business contact number in a glance without taking note of the number in their phone book. In addition, the virtual phone system aids in assisting every time they call. Other than that, it enables any marketer view the efficiency of each marketing campaign. Most businesses spend millions for getting more traditional telephone lines, fax machines, answering machines and even hire more employees to handle each of the customers calling in. Vanity numbers use the virtual phone system which enables any business to create an office in the cloud. Any business can avoid the use of the different office machines, wires and hire more staff. And to top it all, vanity numbers can take the business to the lead. Firms with vanity numbers sound and look professional, thus, gathering more customers, increasing the sales. For the different classifications of business, vanity numbers can be utilized. Continue reading

Getting a Professional Phone Presence

Professional Phone presenceWhen the customers and prospects start picking up their phone and dial the vanity number, callers may notice on the voice recording that they hear. We call it an integrated voice recording where it works like an answering machine. What makes it different from an answering machine? An IVR and an answering machine answers the call as soon as the phone rings. However, an answering machine only allows the customer to leave and record the message. While an IVR directs the caller to the right location or employee according to his concern.

When a business has a vanity number, it enables it to open and receive calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when everybody else is busy or perhaps no one is available is to take in the call, the integrated voice recording will do all the work. It works like an automated attendant. Looking at the large businesses, they are able to answer each call anytime of the day with a professional greeting. What about when customers start calling at the same time? The IVR can greet callers at the same time. Customers will never hear a busy tone when they dial a vanity number. Remember, in any business, one call can make a difference. A single call unanswered can create a negative impact on the business. Continue reading