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Vanity Numbers Are More Than Just Numbers

Telephone systems are integrated in branding strategies. Call tracking, call routing and lead information management are support systems software to create a better way of delivering products/services to customers. It will just support any activity under advertising because the forefront is the choice of vanity numbers. Vanity numbers or 800numbers create a link between the customer and business.

toll-free numbers for easy communicationVanity numbers are phone numbers mixed with digits and letters. It is a mnemonic device for easy recall and brand recognition. If you think vanity numbers are mere numbers, you got it wrong for picking the right mix of digits and letters is essential in becoming the first choice of your potential customers.

As there are 7 spots whereby you can alter digits and letters, you can have plenty of words to think of. However, not all vanity numbers can be effective unless you make it with the following tips:

Use of Humor
Even in some ads, humor has been used to call the attention of a potential customer. Humorous vanity numbers are memorable. However, one must be careful in choosing it. Humorous attempt can be dangerous. It is either you created a funny number that will stick to their minds or the company will be made fun because of it. G-rated humorous phone numbers can be used. It must not be vulgar or cryptic or else it will be condemned by the consuming public. Phone numbers must be industry related so, it isn’t about mixing for fun. It’s about picking the right letters and numbers to form an effective phone number.

Use of Rhymes
Rhymes work for phone numbers not just for kids. Rhymes are easily memorized and can stick to consumers’ minds. When spoken loud vanity numbers for beds producing companies 1-800-WOODBEDS can be easily recalled. Another is for martial arts school with phone number 1-866-FORKICKS. When you opted to create a rhyming vanity number, it should be advertised in televisions or radio ads so that enunciation of the phone number can give a big impact to viewers or listeners.

Easy To Spell
When phone numbers are heard through word of mouth or radio ads, the potential customer should not look the dictionary first to know the spelling. Simple words go well and can be easily dialed. First rule, take out “Q” and “Z” as these letters may not be enunciated properly and can be found only on new and modern keypads. Secondly, don’t use phone numbers with 2 consecutive letters. For example 800-Shiela’s Shirts. It will create confusion to the people, if there should be one or two “S”s. Lastly, don’t use slang terms as this might have a different spelling than standard ones. Stick with the rule all the time.

Use Unique Vanity Numbers
Vanity number’s goal is to create distinction among the target consumers. This vanity number should also be memorable for them. Vanity numbers will represent the image of the company and thus it should be unique. Hybrid numbers do no good for the company. 1800-421PETS or 1800-184BAGS can be very generic and only a few viewers will remember it.

Use of Company Name or Benefit form the Product
Vanity phone numbers should be industry-related. You can’t mixed numbers and letters without any meaning at all. Most companies choose company name as this will help in spreading about the company. Others choose specific benefit a consumer can get from the product. For example is 1800-WORRYFREE for companies offering stress management tools.

Vanity phone number or 800numbers should be properly mixed up because it will represent the company’s image and products/services. A good phone number can boost company sales as this will be the first number the customer will call when they will be needing your product. On the other hand, an ineffective phone number may not even be noticed by your target market. Choose your phone number well for it is more than just numbers, it’s a device toward success.

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